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Small Business Information Technology Support

NetworkinGuys listens to your requirements, develops recommendations to improve your bottom line, and implements those ideas professionally and effectively. We know information technology AND we know small business.


Your Chief Technology Officer

NetworkinGuys takes ownership of your IT initiatives.   We operate like a Managed Service but without the monthly fees.  Our monitoring tools track your network including backups, server events, patches, updates, virus protection, firewall performance and internet services.  You pay for only what you need.  As an owner of a business, you need a Chief Technology Officer to take ownership of your IT infrastructure cost effectively.


Your Help Desk Support


Core to our service is providing help desk support resources to our customers.  When you call our help desk, a support technician answers the phone and begins helping your.   No call routing or call backs.  Solving problems with minimal intrusion is our goal.


Your IT Project Manager


NetworkinGuys has over 15years of experience building systems for small businesses.  Server upgrades, application installations, internet service vendor changes, email server migrations are examples of projects we manage daily.  We understand work flows, daily demands, and critical paths needed to deliver projects on time, and cost effectively.  The key to success is in the preparation of the technical aspects and most importantly, the users.   Understanding user's needs  up front, maximizes the outcome.


Cloud Services


Over the last decade, the choices available to small business for cloud based services have grown substantially.  Understanding how to leverage them for your business is important.  NetworkinGuys has experience evaluating and migrating to cloud based services.   Common cloud services include email system, file sharing, collaborative systems, and business applications. Understanding data ownership, backup protection, migration paths and real costs are important during evaluations.

Health Monitoring


Servers are a pinch point for our customers, monitoring their performance is key to customer's productivity.  NetworkinGuys remotely monitors your servers.  We can predict when critical processes would affect performance or cause outages.  We can also update, amend, install, and program servers remotely using installed toolsets provided by NetworkinGuys.  We support all servers including file, email, web and sql servers. Additionally, we monitor hardware including disk drives, memory and other elements to predict or recover from failures. 


Network Management

Network Hub and Cable

We audit your network from the inside and the outside.   NetworkinGuys can provide vulnerability test reports and make recommendations to tighten your network. No network can be absolutely secure. However, NetworkinGuys will create balance between protection and cost while also allowing your users to leverage your IT assets withing your organization safely.  In addition, NetworkinGuys can install new networks or amend existing networks. Albeit wired or wireless, we know networking, thus the name, NetworkinGuys!

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